About me

My love of photography started at the age of 24 when I came to WA for a working holiday.  Feeling the need to send snapshots to my family of all the wonderful places I was visiting, I purchased my very first camera – a Canon Sure Shot.  For the next few years my Canon lived in my handbag, going absolutely everywhere with me.  I began to realise how beautiful & diverse our world looked through the lens of a camera, and the passion grew from there. Finally around 2002 I purchased an SLR  camera – a Canon EOS 300,  with two lenses giving me the chance to explore my creativity further.  Well we are now well & truly into the “Digital Age” so as my old “Analog” Canon gathers dust under the bed I enjoy the instant picture views & the many editing facilities on my Canon EOS 450D (soon to be upgraded). (Happy to report I have just upgraded to a Canon EOS 60D & so far very happy with it.)   I have finally taken the plunge & embraced the advances in technology that  assist & enhance the artistic levels of traditional photography.  Now the big task ahead of me is to scan many of my old negatives as I have many older travel pics I’d like to share, but don’t hold your breath, it will be a very time consuming task to say the least.

Thankyou for taking the time to visit. Veronica Wools