A Collection of Australian wildlife, birds and marine life

If you are interested in purchasing any of these images please click on the image and the link will direct you to Dreamstime where you can download various sizes.

All images are presented here in low web quality only. Maximum quality images can be purchased through Dreamstime.

If  the image doesn’t link to dreamstime please contact me direct @


Seagull sitting on a seaside post

Seagull in Flight

Seagull Eggs

Red Kangaroo

Kangaroo and Joey

Bait Fish

2 Dolphins

Magpie 1

Magpie 2

Magpie 3



Pelican 2

Pelican 3

2 Pelicans

Great Egret - Ardea alba

Great Egret - Ardea alba 2

Cattle Stampede

Blue Wren 1

Blue Wren 2

Blue Wren 3

Pink & Grey Galah

Pink & Grey Galah 2

Cormorant 1

Cormorant 2

Cormorant 3

Pacific Black Ducks


All images are Copyright of Veronica Wools


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